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  • we have cooperated with manufacturers of prams in Poland and of the Western European markets for over 20 years
  • we sew covers for the biggest manufacturers of upholstered furniture
  • other types of covers: mattresses, sleeping bags for the army, assembled mattresses, beach mats
  • we produce and sew pillows for garden furniture and seats as well as cushions
  • we are experienced in heavy sewing
  • we employ over 180 employees including 160 seamstresses with employment possibilities of up to 250 seamstresses
  • we own production preparation department, cutting room with a cutter, filling and packing departments as well as department of logistics
  • 6.300 m2 of production and warehouse area including about 2.000 m2 for a warehouse only
  • we own a full storing program which facilitates storing and accounting for the materials we are provided with by Our Customers
  • we put emphasis on products' quality as well as fast realization of orders
  • we cooperate with numerous chains in Poland and abroad
  • we possess a well-developed machines' park


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    Our priority is taking care of providing excellent quality of our products in combination with modern patterns that come up to expectations of the...

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